Andy Malone

Andy Malone - Author, Speaker, Trainer (UK) With a prestigious international career spanning 20 years, Andy is not only a world class technology instructor and consultant. But is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and multi award winning international conference speaker at such prestigious events as Microsoft TechEd, Dev Connections, TechMentor - Live 360 and the Cybercrime Security Forum. 

His passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of fun has become his trademark and have won him great acclaim. Although his primary focus is security. Andy loves to talk about the Windows platform, Exchange and Office technologies. And with knowledge dating back to the MS-DOS 2 and Windows 2.0 era there is often an interesting story to be told. 

But technology never sleeps and Andy continues to work with the Microsoft product teams to create and deliver ground breaking material on Microsoft Azure and Office 365. For 2016 Andy is scheduled to deliver content in Europe, Asia and the US to name but a few. Andy has also just published his first book. A SC-Fi Thriller “The Seventh Day.” Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyMalone or visit his website at



John Craddock

John is an Identity and Security Architect. He has designed and implemented computing systems ranging from high-speed industrial controllers, through to distributed IT systems focusing on security and high-availability. John is a key player in many IT projects for industry leaders including Microsoft, the UK Government and multi-nationals that require optimised IT systems. John has developed technical training courses that have been published worldwide and has co-authored a highly successful book on Microsoft Active Directory Internals. He presents regularly at major international conferences including TechEd, IT Forum and European summits. John can be engaged as a consultant or booked for speaking engagements through XTSeminars. 

Sasha Kranjac

Sasha (Sasa) is a Security, Azure, Windows Internals Consultant and Technical Trainer with almost two decades of experience in these fields. He began programming in Assembler on Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX, met Windows NT 3.5 and the romance began since then. He has worn many hats: Teacher, Sys-Admin,  Engineer, IT Manager, Consultant, and Technology Trainer.

While focused primarily on security, Sasha is good swimmer in other waters: Azure, Windows Internals, and Office. He holds Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) certifications and delivers both his own / bespoke and official courses worldwide. Sasha is also a Microsoft MCT Regional Lead.