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We're delighted to announce the general availability of the “Cybercrime Security Forum 2017”. Over the past ten years, Cybercrime Security Forum events have offered your company the opportunity to host such prestigious income generating events such as the Cybercrime Security Forum and Fusion events.
Having had great success in countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, The USA and United Kingdom we want to give you the opportunity to host and participate in our next wave of Cybercrime events.

Over the past ten years the Cybercrime events have not only developed into a worldwide respected brand but also hosted events to over 50,000 security and IT Professionals worldwide. Generating revenue in excess of over $1 Million.

2017 is bigger than anything we’ve undertaken before and provides you with more hosting options than ever. From a 2 speaker, 1 room event to a 4 speaker – Multi room event. Cybercrime will provide your audience with the opportunity to not only attend major deep dive security sessions from industry experts and world class speakers but also interact with fellow peers.

Invest in Security

The cybercrime security forum represents a fantastic income generating opportunity. During 2016 our events contributed to profits of over $250,000 in revenue. Our model is based on a simple flat fee basis plus expenses.

We provide everything you need in order to get your event off the ground. A world class recognised brand, First class international speakers and exciting content. The two day event is packed so that all you do is provide the venue and the delegates. We will even help you with marketing materials. If you are interested in hosting a Cybercrime Securty Forum please contact us via our contact page.

Current & Previous Sponsors include: Global Knowledge, Glasspaper AS, Computrain (Cyprus), Microsoft, Cisco,

What's included? 

At least Two Top International Speakers
Up to 10 (ish) Breakout Sessions (Excluding Keynote & Meet the Speaker Sessions)

8 of which will be provided by us and a small number can be assigned for local or sponsored sessions.

Ability to add you own “local” speakers
Opening Keynote

Q&A Discussion Panels – Encourage audience participation

Customized “Cybercrime” Graphics for you to use to promote your event.

The ability to promote your event to major tech communities such as Microsoft MVPs and MCT’s.

Internal Microsoft Influencer Promotion
Advertised on the

Major opportunity to introduce and generate income from regional sponsors

When you book a Cybercrime event it’s Exclusive to your country for 12 months…So Hurry!

Want a quote simply email info(@) for more details (No Brackets)